In the Golan, Israel now fears a double “threat”: the revolt and the infiltration operation

Commenting on Trump’s decision to recognize Israel’s occupation of the Golan Heights, the Haaretz newspaper said: “On the home front, the US decision will have serious consequences, the right will step up pressure to apply Israeli law to Zone C in the West Bank. where all the Jewish settlements are and where there are few Palestinians …

The West Bank settlers and their supporters will ask why Trump would recognize the Israeli communities of Katzrin and Ein Zivan (Golan) but not that of Ariel and Beit El in the West Bank and do you believe that the Palestinians will sit idly by the new demands of the settlers, and no, there will be more anti-Israeli attacks, more tensions and more violence. American annexation of the Golan is a poisoned gift “.

Indeed, the weeks ahead will be particularly trying for the regime occupying Qods. In parallel with the Gaza uprising and the “return” marches that now tend to take place every night and not only on Friday, with the growing anti-Israeli attacks in the West Bank, Israel will now have to rely on a occupied Golan that does not want all of Israel and who considers it as a power of occupation: first anti-American demonstration and anti-Israeli took place on Saturday, March 23 in Golan.

Indeed Saturday was far from a peaceful day for the Israeli army: An explosion occurred in the Zionist settlement Eilat in the occupied West Bank. Two Israelis were seriously injured and were transferred to the hospital. Israeli sources have not yet commented on the origin of what they call an incident, which could, however, take place as a result of another Palestinian Resistance operation against Israel. This week the Israeli intelligence apparatus was taken aback by a spectacular operation at Selfit and since then, the anti-Israeli clashes are increasing. Six Palestinians were shot by an Israeli army that was forced to engage the commandos and 120 others were wounded.

On March 17, two anti-Israeli attacks took place, one with knives and the other with firearms, near the Ariel settlement in Salfit, despite months of operations. Israeli failure is blatant as two Zionist settlers have been killed and several others wounded, while Netanyahu has been steadfast in recent months boasting of “securing” the West Bank The double attack comes just 48 hours after the double “electro-military” missile fired against Tel Aviv, on which Netanyahu had capitalized to launch a major war against Gaza and ensure its victory.

Israel on alert in occupied Golan

And it is in this context that Trump throws a pavement in the fed up and recognizes the Israeli occupation of the Golan and this, at the price of triggering an uprising on the international scene. On the ground, the Israeli army and police are worried and considering Saturday’s anti-American protests, it is preparing for “possible unrest” on the occupied Golan Heights as well as “on both sides of the line of separation” .

Referring to the Israeli army, the Israeli Channel 13 announced that “snipers were deployed in the area” and that “riot control measures, such as tear gas and rubber bullets” , had been provided to forces stationed in the area. In other words, the Zionist army expects both infiltration operations from Syrian territory and an anti-Israeli revolt in the occupied Golan.

Several US senators, led by Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz, are working to pass a new bill in the Senate and House to recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights. The bill would also encourage the United States to carry out “joint projects” with Israel in the Golan, including “industrial research and development”.

US President Donald Trump supported this measure by stating, “After 52 years, it is time for the United States to fully recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights.”

Immediately, Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Fayçal Meqdad denounced Trump’s statement, which represents the Zionist regime, itself the most important protector of terrorism, recalling that Damascus reserved the right to use all possible means, including the use of force to liberate his territory.


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