Will the Syrians use weapon in Golan?

The issue of the integration of the Occupied Golan to Occupied Palestine depends on several important issues, perhaps the most important of which is the issue of the parliamentary elections of the Zionist regime in which Netanyahu wants to win whatever it is possible, even at the expense of entering a full-fledged war in this election.

Because he fears that he will face a serious crisis, especially in judicial matters, if he does not succeed in this election and will no longer hold the title of prime minister. Netanyahu is being prosecuted for several years now by the regime’s powerful judiciary, which just some weeks ago the last sue was presented against him while traveling to Moscow.

The second issue that made the president of the United States to enter with an indecisive step into this strange scenario is the return of some American oil companies to oil and gas exploration in these heights. The executives of these companies are generally Republicans and close friends of Donald Trump and entered into the deal with Netanyahu and some other figures of Zionism internationally with a heavily traded deal.

Dick Cheney’s oil company and other comrades are illegally and contrary to the contraventions of international law is digging for gaseous and oil resources on the occupied land of another country. Trump thinks that by supporting the annexation of the Golan to occupied Palestine, he could legitimize this illegal presence and, on the other hand, help Netanyahu escape prosecution for partnership with Dick Cheney’s oil company.

But the third issue, which is no less important than the two issues, goes back to Netanyahu’s fears of the start of the intifada against the occupation of Zionists in Golan. Over the past years, the Zionists have received many indications of popular activities to form an anti-occupation front in southern Syria.

Since the Jihad Moghaniyah, along with Sardar Allahdadi and other accomplices, were martyred in a missile attack by the helicopters of this regime, until the day when Samir Qantar was martyred by a cruise missile launched to his building in the Germanaye neighborhood, all were due to the efforts of this regime to prevent such a problem.

Netanyahu, with knowing that from the same year, the policy of attacking the positions of resistance and later on the Syrian army, his insistence on preventing Iran from being located 70 kilometers from the occupied Golan was also because of this.

All strategies developed for the occupied Golan is now more in favor of the axis of resistance than in the interests of the Zionists. Even the US President’s position on this issue has ended in favor of the Syrians. Almost all the countries of the world have opposed these positions, so that the Syrian people, who are under different pressures, now have a patronizing look at international politics.

Although Turkey’s position on this issue was implicit in accordance to the Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister, because its leaders played a very important role in destroying Syria and in helping terrorist groups, and they illegally occupying large parts of Syria, but the positions of European Union, the Arab League and some other countries reminisce about the occupation of the Zionist regime, and it must be said that Tel Aviv is done.

This series of actions and movements, as stated above, has given rise to the resurgence of the Zionist occupation and in some way gives the Syrian people the right to take any action to liberate their territory. Since the international community and all international legal institutions condemned the occupation of the Zionists and emphasized the attachment of these heights to Syria, the other side is in a hard situation.

Given that all the parties named therein have no ability to force the Zionist regime to end the occupation on the Golan Heights, so we must wait and see that how the Syrian army or the people of the region, who do not have tolerate plunder of their resources, will interact and when the interaction will take place.

In the meantime, some evidences suggest that during the coming weeks and months, trends will be completely different, and the world will face a big surprise. Of course, many countries are aware of this surprise, but they cannot do anything

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