What Persian Gulf countries have lost in Syria!?

One: The war in Syria continues, and the Arab countries have been lined up to return to Damascus, and even there are whispers of Syrian presence in the Arab League. The governments of the Persian Gulf have come to the conclusion that they can no longer lose the opportunity to leave Syria.

In the condition that the terrorists have reached Damascus and the Syrian Army after 7 years, with the help of its allies, especially Hezbollah and Iran, saves Syria from the terrorists, there is no respect for the supporters of the terrorists. Many believe that this return is to stop the history judging about the interruption of political relations and the great loss of cooperation with Damascus.

So that this discontinuity of Arab cooperation only is accused Arab states among their nations of being biased, and they are being blamed on the perpetrators of Damascus and Syria’s attacks on terrorists since 2011. While another group believes this return is to satisfy Damascus for separating the resistance and somehow bribing the Syrian people with the proposal to rebuild the country to accept the US plan for the Golan.

The issue which is faced the wrong and strategic analysis of the countries of the region, especially the Persian Gulf Arab states. Unfortunately, looking at the succession and imitation of Washington’s decisions in recent years has cost a lot of money for these governments, and the lack of democracy and the turning of power and efforts to remain in power under any condition have caused any order of the United States to abide without any rational application.

While if the regional governments would use a little logic, they knew that the reason for the entry of terrorism into Damascus was its lack of compliance with the Middle East compromise plan.

The issue that made the Westerners to flood the terrorism from all over the world to Syria and destroyed the major infrastructures of the country in seven years. But the Syrian people, however, did not want to be emulators, so they paid the price for the war and defended their Arab dignity with all their might.

Syrian authorities have repeatedly said that the United States and various countries, directly and indirectly, called for the establishment of a link between Tel Aviv and Damascus, but the Syrians never accepted this connection and paid for it. Under such circumstances, it should be noted that the Saudis and the Arab countries have again made a strategic mistake in Syrian case and this strategic error will return to them again.


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