From Saddam’s support to bin Salman by Paris

The name of France in the West Asia region is tied to Sykes–Picot, the same divisions of various countries after the World War. As some countries were part of the French war booty after the Ottoman collapse, the French still retained their power and influence in these areas. But what made France famous in the region in the last 40 years is the policy of selling French weapons to various countries.

Typically, the first arsenal group in the region was a source of controversy, selling and assignment individual weapons to Lebanese groups to intensify the civil war. Many of the French weapons were placed at the disposal of extremist ethnic groups, where these weapons became racially motivated and 15-year-old Lebanon warfare as a tool to escalate ethnic groups.

But this was not the only warlike action of Paris in the region. The French joined the front of the Iraq war with the start of the Iraq war against Iran, and provided Baghdad with the latest Mirage and Super Étendard aircraft missiles in order to keep the Iraqi air force alive.

In the Iraq war against Iran, the news showed the presence of Paris rental pilots. Of course, the diversification of weapons did not come solely to the air force, and the Iraqi ground forces were equipped with Puma war helicopters to open up the Iraqi Ba’ath party forces for combat and ground warfare.

Let’s not forget that the exotics missiles and the leased Super Eetandad Aircraft targeted Iran’s economic bases and injured Iran’s civilian casualties. In this war, which was important for Iranians and provided humanitarian assistance, including the purchase of medicines and food, was overthrown by the French invasion, or it was difficult for Tehran to import basic drugs because of French aircraft operations.

Of course, in the war of cities, the Frenchs, with the help of intelligence and sales information by the clerics of the People’s Mujahedin Organization and their connection to the Ba’athist intelligence service at the beginning of the war, interfered with the arrival of Rajavi’s flow into Iraq and the garrison of Ashraf, and ultimately the war crimes of that group in operations Anfal.

Of course there are reports that France provided Baghdad with chemicals in the eight-year war between Saddam and Iran, and Saddam made chemical bombings by these chemicals in important areas of Iran.

In the later wars of the region, including the Syrian government’s war and Lebanon’s Hezbollah with ISIL terrorists, published pictures revealed that ISIL terrorists were being equipped with a advanced solo FAMAS French weapon, which is very important in its own right.

It is important to know that the Advanced FAMAS weapon is solely available to the French army and was handed over to various governments under the supervision of the army. And these weapons cannot be sold or given to others except with prior notice and coordination of the French army.

In such a situation, with the start of the Yemen war by Saudi Arabia, a bunch of French equipment, including important air and ground equipment, was provided to the Saudi army, and reports were issued that Riyadh had leased French pilots for operations in Sanaa and other important Yemeni cities, So that, like the hiring of Super Étendard pilots in the war in Iran by Saddam, Paris seems to have given its army and equipment to bin Salman for the Yemen war.

The reports of the monitoring bodies show that the Yemeni war was carried out by bin Salman, with the weapons of the three major countries of France, Britain and the United States, and that the volume of arms sales to Riyadh has left Saudi hands open for any operation in Yemen.

The French plan is attracting oil and dollars from the region by selling weapons and military counseling to the region. After World War II and the independence of countries such as Syria and Lebanon, virtually all the working-class governments did not have a good relationship with France as colonies, and, accordingly, the weakening of central governments and the existence of war in the region was one of Paris’s common goals.

Paris leaders believe they will be able to play a more active role in West Asia after departure of the United States from the region as a nuclear weapon actor and tester, and will attract more share of the region’s oil and gas revenues for Paris.

Paris seems to have no special significance for human beings, as it has proved in the case of HIV-infected blood and the sale of weapons in West Asia, and only wants more market share in the region. This French morale returns to the failures and independence of colonial governments after World War II.


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